Gleb Rybkin
Offshore and coastal sailor with more than 12,000 deep water sea miles on sailing yachts from California to Mexico, French Polynesia, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu and Australia. Offshore deliveries to Panama. Owner and skipper of a personal sailboat. Dozens of coastal and offshore charter trips as skipper and first mate. Singlehandedly crossed the Pacific in 2014-2015. Working towards a USCG Captain's license. Member of Tradewinds Sailing Club.

Offshore Passages & Races
2016 - Australia coast
Skipper with crew
Bristol 29.9
2015 - Vanuatu to Australia
Skipper with crew
Bristol 29.9
2015 - Fiji to Vanuatu
Skipper with crew
Bristol 29.9
2015 - Samoa to Fiji
Skipper with crew
Bristol 29.9
2015 - French Polynesia to Samoa
Skipper with crew
Bristol 29.9
2014 - Mexico to French Polynesia
Bristol 29.9
2014 - Mexico to Guatemala
First mate
Tayana 52
2013 - 2014 USA to Mexico
Bristol 29.9
2013 - San Francisco Farallone race
C&C 41
Marine Licenses and Certifications
2014 Marine Radio Operator's license
2013 ASA118
Docking endorsement
Catalina 36
2013 ASA106
Advanced Coastal Cruising
Catalina 42
2013 ASA105
Coastal Navigation
2013 ASA104
Bareboat Cruising
Catalina 36
2012 ASA103
Basic Coastal Cruising
Catalina 30
2012 ASA101
Basic Keelboat Sailing
Catalina 30
Maritime skills
- Expert knowledge of marine electronics, satellite technology and software.
- Problems troubleshooting.
- Seamanship, coastal and electronic navigation
- Watch standing, route planning, weather routing
- Engine, system and general yacht maintenance, radio communications
- Safety and survival practices, crew training and mentoring.

Gleb Rybkin was born in Russia and came to the US in 1995 to study computer science. After receiving a bachelor's degree with high honors from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1999, he moved to California to attend graduate school at Stanford University. With 10 years of software development career behind his back, Gleb wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of learning how to sail.

In 2012, he became a member at Tradewinds Sailing Club in Richmond, CA and went through a rigorous training program receiving multiple certifications and advancing his sailing skills. In 2013, Gleb bought a sailboat and began the process of preparing her for ocean passages. Since then, he sailed across the Pacific, has been on yacht deliveries and participated in offshore races. Gleb is working towards receiving a USCG Captain's license and is available for boat charter and deliveries.