Software development done right!
We help companies find the best engineers world wide, organize and lead the development process until a new product is released. We build both temporary solutions and long term development infrastructure.
Our advantages
After allocating budget, time to release becomes critical. We cut the usual time it takes to find developers and produce an MVP by 50%.
We do not outsource. Instead, we help companies hire engineers where they live and lead the project locally. We are located in San Francisco, CA.
The chances are you have already been burned by poor software development practices or tried to outsource with little success. We can put your company back on track!
Salary control
There is no cut for us from the development efforts. You decide your engineers' salary and benefits and our company gets paid on commission.
Our approach
Many companies fall in the trap of either outsourcing their software projects or hiring local engineers at exorbitant prices. Both approaches often result in the same outcome - no working product with a lot of resources already wasted.

Another approach, often used by tech startups, is to lure good software engineers at a low or no salary option and promises of riches through stock. This works somewhat at the beginning of the project, and can produce a good MVP, but creates many pitfalls in the development process, and any subsequent modification of the product becomes very expensive and time consuming, especially if the engineer leaves the company.

Our approach is to combine both worlds. We work with recruiters in several countries, as well as a network of engineers in the US and can significantly accelerate development. Instead of outsourcing, we hire remote engineers - when it makes sense - and organize their development locally.

Our technical architect will help guide through the process and establish the most efficient development framework for your company. Once an engineering team is assembled, our California based project manager will help create a long lasting development process and implement best practices. After a successful release, you will have the best engineering team to handle your business.

With a dozen of successful projects behind our back, we guarantee that yours will be done just as well.

We have experience in Web Applications, SaaS, DevOps, API, Mobile and Core Systems Development
Whether you need need an Android, iPhone, Windows or Mac app, development operations, a plugin, integration with an API or third party — we can support you. Difficult projects with a deadline is our specialty, but we also enjoy basic development and do it quickly and efficiently.
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You will receive several options for establishing a technical framework, optimal number of engineers with their daily functions, salary estimates and time frames for MVP and release. This will both save money and avoid common mistakes in the short and long run.
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